Serendipity is live!

Serendipity is an app built for the new generation of givers, to make giving simpler and more enjoyable. Donating isn't always simple: first find a charity, then fill out long forms, just to end up being contacted time and time again only to donate more - there had to be an easier way. 

Today, we're launching Serendipity with the simple mission of empowering you to make the most impact on the causes that matter most to you.

As a donor, you should know where your money goes. You shouldn't be bombarded with requests for more donations only to find out that the charity is not effective at how they spend them. You shouldn't have to support charities just because of their name. 

We’ve put together in a single app everything you need to have the most impact and enjoy your donation experience:

  • Independent organisations: We have selected research-backed charities that we believe will make the best use of your money, so you can donate the smart way without worrying. If you have one particular charity that is close to your heart but we aren’t yet featuring, you'll still be able to support it through Serendipity - we have over 65,000 organisations in the app. The choice is yours.

  • Donation funds: If you're still not sure which is the best charity to donate to, choose from one of our 50 actively managed Donation Funds, and let us match your giving preferences with charities working hard for the cause. Automating your donations the smart way has never been easier.

  • Hassle-free: one app, one credit card, and one monthly payment. That's all it will take to donate to any charity with Serendipity. You'll get a consolidated tax receipt and GiftAid on all your donations, similarly to when donating through a website - but without the paperwork. And don't worry about unsolicited calls or email requests for more money- we're not doing that here!

  • Individual profile: One dashboard to put together all the impact you’ve made and all the causes you have supported. See your friends’ profile and make giving a little bit more social.

  • Payroll giving: Make donations from your gross salary or have your employer match your donations. Contact us if you are interested in having this in your organisation!

More importantly, this comes at no cost to you or the charity - 100% of your donation goes to the charity.

We've also been working on technology to solve some of these issues behind the scenes. We're building a platform for charities to be discovered, vetted and ranked based on evidence, something we believe will dramatically benefit both donors and charities: it will give us a way to measure the effectiveness of charities so that we can recommend only the best and it will provide transparency about how your money is being spent, by making cost breakdowns more accessible.

Interested in what Serendipity is all about? Download it today for free in the Apple Store or Play Store and start making an impact!