Complaints Policy

Policy version 1.2 - 25/3/21


We aim to maintain high standards - our users are the absolute focus of what we do, and we intend at all times to work transparently and fairly with them. When a user feels a need to complain, we want to put things right, not just for that user but also to learn to be better in the future. All the feedback we receive from users is valuable.

Our preference is always to resolve disputes informally rather than resorting to formal investigation or legal proceedings, and so we will explore all reasonable options to resolve complaints by working with the user making the complaint to reach an outcome which is satisfactory to both the user and to Serendipity.

Our reply to the user will describe the action we have taken to investigate the complaint, conclusions we have reached from the investigation, and any action we have taken or are taking as a result.

All information received and produced in connection with a complaint is treated as confidential; only those who need to know have access.


This policy covers only an external complaint from a user of the Serendipity platform, not complaints or grievances from staff or others. Serendipity expects any complainant to be polite and courteous. It will not tolerate aggressive, abusive or unreasonable behaviour or demands.

Complaints should be made within three months of the incident complained about. 


A user with a complaint should contact us by email at including the nature of the complaint, what outcome you are hoping for, and your contact details (ideally including a phone number which we can reach you on, but at least an email address).

Your complaint will be handled differently depending on its nature:

- If it concerns the usability or functionality of the Serendipity app, we will treat your complaint as user feedback. Usually this will involve listening to your feedback and either explaining how Serendipity works differently, or considering adding your idea to our product backlog for future implementation.

- If it concerns the handling of your personal data or how a payment has been processed, we will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If we cannot do so immediately, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24 hours, and in that acknowledgement we will tell you when we will next contact you, and the name of the person dealing with your complaint. You should receive a definitive reply within four weeks.

- If it concerns how your funds have been used after receipt by our charity partner, we will refer your complaint to them to be handled under their own complaints procedure, and will do all that we can to ensure that it is resolved swiftly and to your satisfaction.

Taking your complaint beyond Serendipity

If your complaint is about how we fundraise for charities and you are not satisfied with our response, you can take it to the Fundraising Regulator. We are not yet eligible to become members, but we aim to comply with their Code of Fundraising Practice, and will apply once we have been operating for 12 months. To complain through the Fundraising Regulator, follow the process described on their website at

If your complaint is about any aspect of the charitable work of our Partner Charity (Chapel & York UK Foundation, registered charity number 1172653 in England and Wales), you can complain to the Charity Commission, as detailed at