Donor Protection Policy

Policy version 1.1 - 15/03/21

Our intention at Serendipity is to make the donation experience a positive one. Our focus is on the donor and what they want to achieve, not on maximising income funds for any particular charity.

As such, our activities to encourage donors to donate are limited. We will only communicate with donors through the following channels: while they are using the app; push notifications to their mobile device; emails; text messages (for authentication purposes only).

1. While using the app: donors are in full control of how much they choose to donate, and of the wishes they express as to how that donation is used. No attempts are made to persuade the donor to give more, other than by communicating the impact of the donations they have already made.

2. Push notifications: such notifications are used sparingly, and only to give an operational update such as confirmation of a donation payment being processed. Specifically, push notifications are never used to solicit funds.

3. Emails: occasional emails are used to keep active donors informed about the Serendipity platform and how their donations are being directed to charities.

4. Text messages: SMS is exclusively used during the signup process to confirm the mobile number being linked to the account. 

To protect donors further, we:

1. Will immediately terminate a donor’s app, or stop their donations, if requested to do so.

2. Always respect a donor’s requests around frequency of contact - in particular, enabling them to unsubscribe from email updates.

3. Never place undue pressure on a donor to increase their donation amount, including our avoidance of any type of manipulation, guilt or exploitation.